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Trying out new things is one of my favorite things to do, so it came with little to no surprise that I was really excited when I received a package from Spa Manufactur the other day. At first, I was pleasantly surprised how lovingly and with attention to the detail the products were packed: cute packages, including rosebuds and silk paper. Each one of the beautiful bottles and pots are decorated with flowers, herbs and fine labels. The heavenly scent that fills the air when opening the bottle takes you to another place!

Spa Manufactur offers a wide range of spa-related products: from luxurious body oils, velvety balms, hydrating gels, aroma shower gels, great milk and detox baths to face creams and delicious herbal teas. All in all, everything you need for a complete wellness treatment. The products that I was allowed to test convinced me instantly – not only the scent, but also the impression on the skin was indescribable good! The products are hand-made and will be compiled freshly for you after an individual consultation. Among other things, the products consist of superfood vitamins, such as raspberries, pomegranates, cranberries, gojoberries or blackcurrants. The skin gets such a sustainable and organic power boost – without chemistry! The products are 100% organic, you can even drink some of them and therefore provide your body with something good from inside!

Moreover, many prestigious hotels, such as the Bayrische Hof Hotel in Munich, the Four Season Hotel in Hong Kong or the Kempinski Hotel in Berlin, are among the clientele of the product’s “inventor” Iris Kuhn. She has many years of experience in the fields of fitness/beauty/health and incorporates all of her knowledge into the product development. If you feel ready to get inspired by the “Winter Spices”, you should visit the page ☺

Check the homepage SPA Manu and use the code TIANA to get an exclusive 20% discount on all products until Nov 30th.



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