Purification Retreat with Yuva Yoga in the Siddashram Yoga Center

Tiana Pongs with Yuva Yoga Siddashram im Yoga Center

Today I would like to tell you guys about my first yoga retreat with Yuva Yoga. I went to Taurus mountains for a week, staying at the only ashram that exists in Turkey, to undergo an intensive detox week. Before my journey, I was a little nervous to be honest, because I did not really know what to expect. First, I want to outline the beautiful location. The Ashram is located 750 meters above sea level, and it is also called the Himalayas of Turkey. It’s about 40 minutes away from Alanya. The yoga center overlooks a river and is surrounded by unspoiled nature. This place is magical.

During the one-week program you will be introduced to the basic philosophy of yoga. The course is therefore also suitable for beginners. We did yoga in the mornings and evenings with different teachers, went for a walk in the mountains early in the morning having a lot of conversations with each others, as well as the teachers. I really enjoyed the conversations, especially the ones I had with Hocam Adnan and Madame Lourdes, who lead and founded the camp. I would also like to mention the incredible cooking skills of Madame Lourdes. We had very delicious food every day, and also learned a lot about healthy eating and its importance for body and mind. Many of those things have already been integrated into my everyday life at home, but I will continue to do so.

The benefits of this purifying week are obvious. Our body releases toxins and blockages, which then results in mental clarity, more energy, weight loss, shiny skin, as well as increased and deeper awareness. After my second or third day already, I have felt so calm like I have rarely experienced before. When it was time to say farewell, I teared up a bit and I was not the only one. During that week all of us grow together so closely, that leaving this place felt a bit like leaving your family behind.


This is such special experience that words cannot describe, unless you have whiteness it yourself, which is why you simply have to try it out yourself. I’ll definitely return one day. Also a special thank you to Yesim Yuva!

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Purification Retreat with Yuva Yoga in the Siddashram Yoga Center

Today I would like to tell you guys about my first yoga...
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