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Regulat Beauty Tiana Pongs

Advertisement – I was very excited about the cooperation with Regulat Beauty, because maintaining one’s own beauty and well-being is probably something the majority of us longs for. First of all, the facts: One box contains 20 doses with 20 ml each. They are also suitable for people with allergies. Moreover, they are vegan certified, have no side effects and are free of gluten, flavor enhancers and sweeteners. The boosters are made in Germany and also suitable for pregnant women or nursing mothers. It is recommended to take a beauty booster every morning on an empty stomach with two glasses of water – or mix it water, if you have a sensible stomach.

The Regulatpro Hyaluron Anti-Aging Beauty Drink promises to improve your skin, hair, nails and connective tissue in a natural way (so exactly what every woman wants). From the age of 25, you can see the first signs of aging on our skin: First wrinkles become visible, the connective tissue weakens, and often skin develops to become more flabby. With the liquid hyaluron it is possible to slow down this process.

The production process includes a special feature in form of a multi-stage fermentation process (cascade fermentation). Here, inspired by the process of nature – fresh, sun-ripened fruits, nuts and vegetables from organic farming in several fermentation stages are split down to their molecular level, analogous to the natural digestive system of the body. Plant substances that make up the plants themselves are hereby extracted and used for their own protection against bacteria, viruses, fungi, UV radiation among other burdens.

Furthermore, I also tested the Regulat Magic Mousse. The moisture foam deeply moisturizes the skin and gives a great look. Wrinkles and stressed skin can easily be foamed away. The highly effective Regulat Magic Mousse contains the unique „Regulatessenz“ in combination with a high-dosed content of the wrinkle killer Hyaluron. The intense skin care can be applied on both the face and the body. The foam feels great on the skin and smells delicious.

I was more than happy to review the products and share my personal experiences. I can definitely say that I could notice a significant improvement of my skin after a few days. In general, I feel fitter and my skin has changed for the better. My hair also became stronger after a short time, as well as my nails became firmer and my skin much brighter. Now I do not want to miss my sip of “beauty” in the morning. Overall, my skin looks more radiant and younger (at least that’s my personal impression) and I know it is now provided with all important nutrients.

By the way, in 2017 the product was voted the best beauty product by a jury of experts – and I do not want to live without it anymore.

Regulat Beauty Tiana Pongs

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