Paris – 13.11.15 My soul cries

Tiana Pongs Paris Stade de France

Usually, I refrain myself from talking about things like this. My emotions and personal perceptions – especially in public. But it’s time to speak up. After 9/11, this has been the second terrorist attack I have witnessed personally. Performing terrorist attacks in the name of religion and faith is obnoxious.

This is definitely not what it’s about. Those people are sick. Those people have been isolated and we wont’t be able to change them with more hate, bombs, violence and blood. „Islam is linked to terrorism, just like rape is linked to love!“ Am I mad at those people? No!

I spent a whole lot of time thinking. Thinking about any and everything. I always try to figure out the reason behind certain things. Why does a person act, think or talk the way he/she does? I question everything I see or read. What must have happened to a human being in order to do such things? What must have happened to this person in order to be willing to blow oneself up and drag innocent people to death? Nobody is born this way.

Nobody can possibly believe that continuing to bomb Syria and Iraq will seriously make things better. This way we support violence further and further. And at the end of the day we expect peace.

This is not only paradoxical, but sick! In my opinion, it is crazy to think that it’s possible to achieve peace by conducting further acts of violence. I am fully convinced you cannot fight hate with hate, and you cannot fight violence with violence.

I was born in Germany, and baptized a Catholic. However, I opted out of the church, because I don’t share the thoughts that are taught by the Catholic church. If I had to chose one religion, I would pick Buddhism.

After all, I consider myself a liberal with no allegiance to any church. I am free to believe in whatever I choose to believe in. I love this freedom and I would rather die than accepting to lose it. I support peace, and I loathe war.

There is no way to achieve peace by war. Love and fear cannot coexist, just like war and peace cannot coexist.


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