Packing Secrets – Hand Luggage Only

I have been called an extraordinary skilled person when it comes to packing numerous times by now.
But one time I had to deal with an extreme challenge that even pushed me to my limits. I was traveling Santrorini – Venice – Düsseldorf with solely one piece of hand language – max 8kg; 55*40*20.

My very first thought: „No way! There’s no way to fit everything in there!“. Eventually I did manage to fit everything in there, of course. Living out of a suitcase repeatedly for many years has taught me how to use the tiny space of a simple hand luggage the most efficiently. Today I’m going to reveal my little packing 808s, to make your next trip a little more relaxed. My tricks aim to show you how to pack a) less b) more organized. Traveling can be stressful and most people end up packing too much stuff. Yet they end up having little to no matching outfits.

1. Find matching outfits instead of opportunities

It’s way easier for you to pick matching outfits before you go abroad. 1-2 casual outfits for daytime, 1 for dinner, 1 for partying. Moreover, 1-2 comfortable outfits to hang around. This way you are prepared for every situation possible. Especially regarding shoes, you may often be faced with a lack of space, so therefore I advise you to pack your favorite heels that you can wear for a nice dinner, as well as for a party. If you manage to bring a pair of sneakers and flips flops along, too, you are good to go. If you really want to have sturdy shoes or boots with you, simply wear them during the flight. Usually I decide to wear whatever is the heaviest during the flight – not only will this save valuable space in your luggage, but also prevent you from freezing too much inside the plane, in case you are as sensitive as I am. 😉

2. Packing Cubes

Best invention ever! Packing cubes are a variety of small bags. Since my favorite color is turquoise, I got the turquoise one. I use packing cubes to organize my luggage more efficiently. This way I no longer have to look for a pair of socks next to my charging cables or bikinis. You will have a great overview and find anything at first sight. Additionally, packing cubes also help you to pack more stuff with less space. So you end up saving time and space.

3. Sort by categories

For instance; I use one bag to store my make-up products, another one is purely dedicated to electronic articles (such as charging cables, headphones etc.) and yet another one is meant for accessories such as jewelry or ribbons. This way I can ensure to find anything instantly without having to roam my bags.

4. Beach Bag

If you plan to go to the beach, make sure you lay the empty beach bag as flat as possible onto the bottom of your luggage. This way you can use it later while going to the beach.

5. Mix and Match!

When it comes to choosing accessories for your trip, make sure they go with each outfit you have decided to take with you. You can try to stick to one color scheme and ensure that your purse matches every outfit, as well as your shoes.

Special Thanks to Rimowa

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