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Tiana Pongs Lido 1960 Düsseldorf

Lido is not only a well-known sandbar in Venice, but also an exclusive restaurant in Düsseldorf’s Medienhafen. It was named after the owner’s mother’s favorite beach. Said mother still runs an ice cream parlor in Kaiserswerth to this very day at the age of 80. Therefore the delicious ice cream isn’t the only factor that attracts countless people to go there every day. But careful: if you come too late, you might find yourself in front of closed doors – most likely because the parlor ran out of ice cream already. It is so unconventional. But where else would you find self-produced ice cream…

There are certain similarities to the Lido restaurant and said ice cream parlor – however, you will not find a locked door here. In the Lido restaurant the chefs cook with passion. The emphasis on a good mood is just as important as the respect for an authentic taste. The food is inspired by a contemporary, regional and seasonal cuisine. Moreover, all dishes have a French touch to them. They invite you to enjoy – and due to the restaurant’s emphasis on the visual presentation of the dishes, the food is a feast for the eyes, as well.

Florian Ohlmann is the restaurants’s chef cook. After his education and various activities in restaurants in Bremen and Hamburg (where he cooked with Tim Mälzer, among others), he set his sights on going to Paris. Three years he had stayed at the Seine to learn from the great masters of cooking, before he would eventually come to the Rhine. Since October 2008, he has been cooking in Düsseldorf’s Medienhafen, just like he learned it from Alain Ducasse: uncomplicated, yet with the best products and an extra eye for details. And by the way, he is also a very likable guy! ☺

So, if you’re looking for an opportunity to dine in a beautiful and exclusive atmosphere, the Lido is definitely the right place to go.

Tiana Pongs Lido 1960 Düsseldorf
Tiana Pongs Lido 1960 Düsseldorf
Tiana Pongs Florian Ohlmann Lido
Tiana Pongs Lido 1960 Düsseldorf
Tiana Pongs Lido 1960 Düsseldorf

Tiana Pongs Lido 1960 Düsseldorf
Am Handelshafen 15, 40221 Düsseldorf
Tel +49 211 15768730 |

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