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Ad / Anzeige – As some of you already know, I go on fast for a few days every now and then. Of course, being a model it is essential for me to be in good shape inside and out. The reason I’m doing that? Therapeutic fasting, or also known as „detoxing” today, detoxifies, prevents from diseases and is just overall a health and well-being boost for your body and soul! There are even some doctors saying that therapeutic fasting is the best anti-aging agent there is. There are actually various types of fasting – juicing being one of them, so each person has to find the best type for him-/herself. The book seen in the first photo is one of the best I have ever read on the subject and I can only recommend everybody to read this while fasting.

This time around I was even happier when a request from SPA Manufacture came in asking to cooperate with Dean & David Superfood. Therefore, I was allowed to test their freshly squeezed and high quality juices.
Dean & David use up to 3 kg of freshly picked fruit and vegetables (most of them being regional products) in one liter of juice and moreover they restrain from using any artificial preservatives or additives. The juices allow your body to take a break while still providing it with all the important nutrients. I perceive detoxing as a holistic aspect and considering the SPA manufactory also offers an organic skincare line, you can get the perfect complement while detoxing. The cold-pressed organic juices come with a matching freshly made organic skincare product. So to speak, you get your dose of organic treatment for the inside and outside for your well-being and health!

Detox has become an important aspect of my life, especially at the beginning of a new year, it is fun to switch to “fresh spring mode” and do something good for your body. After all, your body absorbs pollutants through food and your environment every day and stores them in your connective tissue cells, which will make you tired eventually. The largest organ of our body is the skin after all – and you have to maintain it, inside and out. So my tip to you: go ahead and try it out!


Wish you all the Best and looking foward to your feedback,


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