Coconut Oil – My Beauty Secret

Coconut Oil – My Beauty Secret

It’s been almost three years since I discovered the miracle product called coconut oil. It was a dear colleague of mine who told me about coconut oil while we were both doing a shoot somewhere in Mallorca. From that day on coconut oil no longer had an exclusive spot in my fridge, but it would also be found in my bathroom then.

Coconut oil is rich in healthy fatty acids, vitamins and minerals – therefore making it a true elixir of beauty for skin and hair. Moreover, it’s a great moisturizer while having an antibacterial effect. This makes it a great alternative to industrial body lotion. I especially love how coconut oil soothes my skin after shaving. Furthermore it’s also a great way to remove the eye make-up – especially, since I’m very sensitive and coconut oil doesn’t make my eyes burn at all. Additionally, it’s also great to apply it onto your cuticles or simply use it as a conditioner for your hair-ends.

But it doesn’t stop there: coconut oil is a true talent in the kitchen, as well. It’s the perfect alternative to margarine and easy to use while cooking and baking. It goes without saying that coconut oil is naturally a vegan product.

You can find coconut oil in any health food shop, or on the internet in all shapes and sizes. Meanwhile even DM drug store is selling it for €3,95. So, go buy your own jar of coconut oil and try it out. I’m sure you’re gonna be as amazed as I am.

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