Kidsaid e.V. – help through godparenthood 


Since 2009 I’m an ambassador for Kidsaid e.V. and I’m very happy that I’m allowed to be a part of this incredible project. It’s a great honor supporting this organization, which is located in Cologne. Children are always a great concern of mine, to which I attach particular importance. Places where Kidsaid provides humitarian aid lack even essential things in life such as food, medical care and education. We do our best to keep supporting these children in need and aim to extend that support by gathering more money for our godparenthood program. Therefore we will keep working with celebrities in the sports and TV business to make more and more charity auctions.

Considering everybody in this organization works on a voluntary basis, I have the highest of respect for everyone helping to realize this project.

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account owner: Kidsaid e.V.
IBAN: DE41371600870944556001
Credit institut: Kölner Bank eG