My book has a new look. You can purchase an ePUB or Mobipocket version via Amazon or Ebozon. I decided to write this book to share all of the experiences I’ve collected in the model business with you.

Many girls secretly wish to become a model one day. Some of those girls actually got what it takes to become a model, however, they’re left behind unsure, not knowing whom to contact.

The world wide web is like a maze packed with tons of links and places to go, sadly 90% of them are untrustworthy. Especially online model data bases is something I want to warn you of. They have nothing to do with the real model business.

Moreover you won’t get in touch with serious photographers, let alone clients. You might think there are already a few books from colleagues of mine – which is true. I find them helpful, however, most of them are rather a biography than anything else. I aim to give you a real step-by-step guide that helps you enter the model business the fastest and easiest way possible.

I hope my book will be of help to you and I wish you all the best on the journey that lies ahead of you. Always remember, eventually it’s your own thrive and inner belief that determines your success. Tiana ♥

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