Bali’s Westcoast – Island of Gods, Mecca for Surfers and Lovers of Eat, Pray, Love!

It’s been a while ever since my last trip to Bali, however, I think it’s still worth talking about.I was booked for a job together with my boyfriend at that time.

Luckily, we were able to extend our stay for another week and thus giving us the opportunity to discover the island with two locals in a relaxed atmosphere and in a way only few people are able to witness. The very moment I had stepped out of the plane I was overwhelmed by Bali’s magnitude and beauty. I was especially touched by the welcoming hospitality and respectful behavior of the Balinese people. There’s something special about the way they greet and treat each other on a daily basis.

Our hotel was located at Matahari Beach Resort, somewhere between Bali Barat national park and Java Sea in the northwestern part of Bali. Although the hotel seemed somewhat off track and well-hidden, it is known to be one of the most exclusive destinations.

Nature at its best

We spent a night at the Shanti in the hills of Sambangan village close to Singaraja…. It’s a magnificent atmosphere and the view is absolutely breathtaking. While we were strolling along some rice terraces accompanied by a guide, we eventually ended up at a hidden river delta where we were also allowed to bath in. Personally, for me this remains one of the most impressive moments of the whole trip. Just enjoy the pictures …

Dolphin Watching

At Lovina Beach in the northern part of Bali it’s common practice for the vintage fishing boats to set sail before sunset searching for dolphins. Getting up early is absolutely worth it, not only because of the flocks of dolphins chasing side boats, but also simply because of the funny-looking Balinese boots themselves.

East meets West

The food served in the hotel was incredible. The restaurant was not limited to Balinese cuisine only, but offered a variety of European and Asian food, too. „East meets West“, if you wanna call it that way. In order to maintain a certain level of quality the hotel mainly source regional and sustainable products. Partner plantations, organic-production holdings and local fishermen provide the hotel with goods; the hotel’s own garden is used to grow herbal and spices.


The Pawarthi Spa (named after the owner’s wife) is one of the most beautiful spas I have seen in my entire life. In general, getting a massage in either Indonesia or Thailand is a total must, considering nobody does it better.


Foto Credits by Tiana PongsStefan KögelKlaus Stemmler and Nicolas Chibac

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