A beautiful place – Le Pain Quotidiens

A beautiful place – Le Pain Quotidiens

The “Le Pain Quotidiens” in Bruges invites you to relax and have a feast in this hectic and seemingly unstable time and age. It is located on Simon Stevin Square, right in the center of the picturesque city of Bruges. Without a doubt it is one beautiful spot, that should definitely be on your list when visiting West Flanders.

There used to be a weaving mill inside the historic building before, nowadays it’s the home of the “Le Pain Quotidien”. The restaurant offers the most delicious organic products in a truly beautiful atmosphere. Spending the warm summer nights at the restaurant’s outside area is wonderful. You will sit under shining lights, next to a romantic water point surrounded by flowers that stick down – which gives you the impression of being in the midst of a little paradise. If you prefer to sit inside, you can watch the chefs preparing the many small and large delicacies in the open kitchen. Moreover, there’s a lot to discover inside, since the restaurant is picked with many small and lovely details.

Whether you enjoy a delicious breakfast with friends or simply an aperitif in the sun, this lovely restaurant offers so many choices. From delicious detox salads, over the restaurant’s quiche of the day to pudding with chia seeds and turmeric. Considering the broad variety of the menu, it might sound a little off, but the highly praised, manually kneaded bread, actually fascinated me the most. It consists of organic flour, natural yeast, water, salt and time, which brings you the flavor of past times.

The bread itself may sound simple, its history, however, is a very interesting one: As a young and aspiring cook in Brussels, Alain Coumont could not find and pick the right bread to offer in his restaurant. So he decided to go back to his roots and produce it himself. He opened “Le Pain Quotidien”, first a small bakery where he turned flour, salt and water into rustic bread. Shortly after, he expanded the menu and added salads and tartins making the restaurant what it is today. Today those breads are the main focus of “Le Pain Quotidiens”, which was established in Brussels in 1990. The brand is present in several locations worldwide, on five different continents to be specific. Simple, healthy cuisine is very popular worldwide after all.

If you are close by, make sure to try the homemade lemon-mint lemonade, the organic Peruvian coffee or the Provencal Tartine. The greater the choice, the more the effort!

Simon Stevinplein 15, 8000 Brugge
Tel +32 50342921 | belgium@lepainquotidien.be

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